Danny Hastings - Eminem (Outtake from Album: Slim Shady LP | 1999)

Danny Hastings - Eminem (Outtake from Album: Slim Shady LP | 1999)

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- Chromogenic print - 1 of 50
- 11x14
- Hand signed

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The RapGOD meets the PhotoGOD. It was late 1998 when I got hired to shoot Eminem's album inside art for the "Slim Shady LP" and later landed the cover of the extended release. I was on top of my game when it came to photography, 6 years strong in the biz, still analog photography, no digital or Photoshop. I had solidified myself as the go to guy for creative music photoshoots with already 75 album covers to my name. I had experimented with pretty much everything in photography. I was seasoned, knew what the labels needed and what the artist wanted and always took care of both parties. I was one of the first people that wasn't in Eminem's camp to listen to most of the album prior to its public release. I immediately was blown away. I knew this was instant hip-hop classic. He had a maniacal style to him -- very creative, poetic and aggressive. I wanted to shoot him in a way that the photography represented his lyrical style and something I haven't done before. So I brought a few lighting toys with me. I rented a hand-painted fire background from Oliphant Studio backdrops, purchased a Mylar reflective material and stretched it horizontally mid-waist to create a water-like reflection.

Then, bought a string of lights that, at the time, were very popular and asked him if I can tie it on his head, to resemble a Halo. He was so f*cking cool man. He was like, "Sure whatever. Let's do it." I had to place the camera on a tripod to achieve maximum sharpness because I intended for that Halo in his head to light his face. Then I placed a small strobe with a reflector and a honeycomb grid towards the bottom of the flamed background, giving the illusion that the fire was real and causing a sick silhouette and a reflection on the Mylar. This was my favorite shot of the session. It has never been published. I printed one and gave it to the boss Paul Rosenberg and that is the only print I have printed until my next exhibit show.