Danny Hastings - Gangstarr (Album Cover: Hard To Earn | 1994)

Danny Hastings - Gangstarr (Album Cover: Hard To Earn | 1994)

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- Chromogenic print - 1 of 50
- 16x20
- Hand signed

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The year was 1994. The Dawn of the Digital Era. Before Instagram filters and Photoshop manipulations, the only way a photographer could manipulate color contrast and saturation was to either push the film or cross-process reversal film. What is cross-process? (Google it). It's gonna blow your mind. As a photo lab technician (Spectra Labs 1990-1993), I learned the complicated chemical process of developing film and printing pictures. The other 50% of the analog photography art form, now almost obsolete. Like vinyls and cassette, film gets me nostalgic. Pushing film, pulling film, solarizing, liquid emulsion, cross-process, dodging, burning -- I experimented with it all. I spent countless hours in the darkroom under a red light for B/W and total darkness for color. That was my Photoshop. I experimented with every kind of film that existed from Fuji to Kodak to Ilford, I used them all.

SO HOW DID I GET THIS RED???? Very simple for 1994. For this shot, I decided to experiment with Tungsten light and daylight positive film, a "no-no" for professional photographers at the time because your pics will come out orange. On top of that, I cross-processed the reversal film back into negative. Then in the darkroom when printing my negative into a print, I would dial even more cyan to get it more red. The results was a fiery red-looking print with very sharp blacks and shadows. In retrospective, looking back at this makes me appreciate this even more. Thank you Gangstarr. Thank you Guru -- R.I.P.