Danny Hastings - A Tribe Called Quest (Publicity Shoot Outtake: Unpublished | 1994)

Danny Hastings - A Tribe Called Quest (Publicity Shoot Outtake: Unpublished | 1994)

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- Chromogenic print - 1 of 50
- 16x20
- Hand signed

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THE WORST DAY TO PHOTOGRAPH A TRIBE CALLED QUEST. If only this picture could talk. I received a call from Jive Records, from the publicity department needing some publicity pictures ASAP. My prayers were answered, my favorite hip-hop group needs some pictures, this is the moment I've been waiting for. First time working with Tribe, so I packed my photo bag and brought an extra special camera for the occasion, The wide lux 35mm panoramic camera with a rotating lens (Google it). I zooooomed to Jive, super excited. Got there with the quickness, only to be told that I had to wait because they were on a meeting. OK. No problem, I can wait. I never really answered calls like that to shoot a group, I was more into the album cover shoots, but for Tribe, I can kick it. I was a fan, still am. To my luck, little did I know that Tribe was not having such a good meeting with the heads of the record company. In fact, it was probably their worse meeting with Jive. They were in a heated argument for hours about their business and expectation and whatever else unknown to us. #Rule4080 was in full effect. You can only imagine.

As soon as they came out, I introduce myself with my thick "Tony MONCAMERA" Spanish accent: "SO ARE YOU GUYS READY TO HAVE SOME FUN WITH SOME COOL CAMERAS????" (silence) They were not responding, they look mad as hell, they were not interested, they minds were not there. In retrospective, I think the guys gave me the courtesy of shooting them because they probably felt my enthusiasm and knew who I was. I was oblivious to the meeting, but I knew there was something wrong that I couldn't figure it out. After a couple of rolls, I thank them for their time and a few months later I found out the news that Tribe was no longer at Jive. The pictures were never published. You are seeing them for the first time.