Danny Hastings - Method Man (Album Cover: Black Out | 1999)

Danny Hastings - Method Man (Album Cover: Black Out | 1999)

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- Chromogenic print - 1 of 50
- 11x14
- Hand signed

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By 1999 Redman and Method Man were already a household name. Whomever at Def Jam decided to put these two together to make an album was a genius. I moved to Panama for 2 years -- 98 to 2000 -- and I was only flying to NYC to shoot album covers. Yeah. I was kinda a big deal. Lol. Still am... sh*t... I was at the top of my game in photography, always experimenting and exploring even further. Have you ever seen that tilt/shift filter in the edit features for Instagram that lets you blur some edges? Well that literally comes from classic photography. Back in the days the camera was a box. No SLR, no viewfinder. A camera was an accordion-like box with a lens attached to one end and a film plate attached to another. You had to insert one film plate at a time, after you framed and focused your shot. No room for spontaneity, unless you're crazy like me. I shot this album cover with that type of camera -- a 4x5 camera. You have to cover yourself with a black cloth in order to focus the shot. The lens give you the option to tilt forward or backwards if you want to distort the focus on a particular part of the frame.

Shooting with a 4x5 camera completes you as a photographer. You really understand the craft, and appreciate the art-form even more when you shoot with this monstrosity of a camera. Rent one. They are a lot of fun. The edges around the picture are formed by the metal strip that held the Polariod and the negative together. The negative on this image is 4 inches by 5 inches. It's like the size of a small envelope. Hence 4x5. I never forget that day, the day was full of energy, dope imagery and weed. I think was the most high I've ever been on a shoot. Shooting Red and Meth then was like shooting two best friends. Those two were family. They were so much fun and let me be creative.