Danny Hastings - Jeru the Damaja (Album Cover: Sun Rises in the East | 1994)

Danny Hastings - Jeru the Damaja (Album Cover: Sun Rises in the East | 1994)

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- Chromogenic print - #1 of 50
- 11x14
- Hand signed

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When I met Jeru, he already had a hit song on the streets called "COME CLEAN". Somehow, I met the people at Pay Day and Patrick Moxey. I told Patrick I had an idea for the album: the concept is "Escape from New York". He told me, "Sorry kid, Jeru already hired someone for the album cover." I was like, "Let me fax you this sketch, you show it to Jeru and let me know wassup." My squad "Cartel Multi Media" -- Hugo Bravo, Christian Cortes and Miguel Rivera -- put the sketch together under my direction. It was our first album cover as a team. Patrick sent it to Jeru and Jeru called me immediately. He particularly took notice that I interpret his music into a visual and gave me the go ahead. I was hired on the spot.

Hugo Bravo is one of the dopest artist I know. He can paint anything and give it a realistic look in oils. We watch a "Star Wars" behind the scenes and learned how they did matte background painting for certain scenes. We spoke about it and came up with the idea of doing one for the Jeru the Damaja album, where everything was destroyed and he was the only survivor. I knew that I had to Photoshop this painting with a Jeru picture. So, I decided to play with the lighting a bit, so the picture would come out more artistic. I used one strobe and an umbrella, but his picture was coming too clean. I used a flashlight in order to focus and after the flash went off, I let the flashlight on his face for a little while I shot for long exposure. The results were this fiery red on his face that match Hugo’s painting perfectly.

This is my most memorable album cover. 7 years later, 911 happened and one could not avoid feeling like this cover was a premonition.